Saturday, December 25, 2010

1991-94 Mercury Capri Service Manuals and Content

One of the most important items to purchase when either you need to make repairs or have just bought this future collectable car from 90s are the service manuals. These were the same ones used by the Ford Mercury mechanics and are not hard to find. Their prices range from $25-60, and all are worth owning.

First, because the car was made only for four years, any year manual will WORK with any of the year models. I have a 91 XR2, but I have a 94 service manual and a 92 service manual, there is very little difference between them.

The Capri manuals actually cover different things and there is not much overlap with regards to information. There are four types:

1. The Owners Manual- this is a small book that comes with the car. It is good to have to learn about the car and where things are and what they do. It has many good tips and information that are not covered anywhere else. So, it is a must have. Again, if you have a 93 and only a 91 owner's manual can be found-buy it. Most everything will be the same but the cover. The book is over 50 pages.

2. The Service Manual- this is a bible to the car, a must have for knowledge and any home mechanic. The manual is almost 2" thick, filled with how-to with illustrations. The manual has 18 sections:

General Service Info
Frame and Mounting
Brake system
Fuel system
Steering system
Climate Controls
Insturmentation and Warning Controls
Battery and Charging systems
Electrical distibution
Other important information

Besides the how-to info, there are many troubleshooting\diagnostic sequences in each chapter to ascertain what the problem really is and what special tools may be needed. The how to information is mostly step-by step, so home mechanics can decide if they want to tackle a specific repair job, like changing the Timing belt, struts, radiator, brakes etc.

3. The Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual
This 150 page book is focused only on these two topics, nothing else. Filled with electrical diagrams about the wiring of the car, troubleshooting problems. Details about connector pins, color codes. Non-electricians have a problem deciphering this info. The vacuum section basically deals with troubleshooting vacuum issues. This section is small since the electronics of the car consumes most of the manual. The info in this is good to have if you need to resolve electrical issues of any components or wiring of the car. This is not very How-to, however, it is more like, here is the info about the electrical components for the foglamps, for example, schematics, wires, connectors, pins within the connectors and how it all functions.

This is not a must have book, generally.

4. The Powertrain Control and Emissions Service Manualis a must have because is is all about diagnostics and troubleshooting mechanical and other common issues any owner will face, like ignition problems, turbo problems,cooling and fuel system problems and many more. Each is step by step, if not this, go to that. Some of the electrical diagnostics and readouts can be done with a ohm or volt meter. The book is thick and will apply to any year model of the Capri.

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