Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capri Seats

Mercury Capri seats, like many cars today, are really basic. They consist of the metal frame, weighing over 50 lbs. and attached to the floor by four bolts. Foam is inserted easily over the frame. It is dense and the foam alone for one seat comes in at 10 lbs.

Even though the car is almost 20 years old now, the foam portion of the seat in many cases is still viable and supportive. This is most true for the upper-back portion that receives far less weight. The lower bottom section receives the brunt of the constant weight and over time will erode or compress the foam. This will have the driver sink lower than normal and feel the bumps more. One does not realise this until the foam is replaced or the seat is replaced with one that is not so worn down. There is QUITE a difference in firmness, as I found out when I replaced my seats. I felt I was sitting too low, it was the foam. Over the years, it had been compressed and was flaking. Since the lower portion has very little wire support elements, if the foam compresses, you end up sitting on a the bottom of a metal frame with little cushion.

A new foam seat will be very firm with little give, but not hard. You will seat higher. If your fabric over the foam has torn and shredded, suspect that the foam is also compressed and needs to be replaced.

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