Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Rare Mercury Capri Clubsprint

There is no doubt that the rarest of all the 1991-94 Mercury Capri's is the Clubsprint model. This model was a special order and only available in Australia when the Capri was being made there. The Clubsprint was not imported to the USA.

The Clubsprint was an XR2 turbo model at heart. The differences were really cosmetic, yet really made it a nicer, cooler Mercury Capri. The Taillights were oval and separated resembling the Corvette in some years. The seats were blue leather. The steering wheel was those found on racing cars. The front of the car also had to larger, round foglights. The top trunk that houses the convertible top, was also designed so it would hide and cover the rear seat. It made for a real cool looking two seater, which some found a negative (since they wanted a rear seat). The suspension and engine were not altered, but the car had 16 x 6.6" wheels, which made for the largest wheel on the Capri.

It is not known just how many of the Clubsprint were ordered and made, but if you own one, it is definitely a collector car, more so than the Capri XR2, which was imported to the USA.

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