Saturday, December 25, 2010

Semi Major Repair Costs for the Capri

There are many Capri owners out there who hastily decide to junk or part out their Capri when faced with issues. The issues could be simply unable to locate a part, finding a part yet decide the cost is not worth it. The following are some real costs for the more major repairs:

Engine- $7-800.00 (engine cost)
New brake rotors, calipers, pads, wheel bearings- $500 (parts and labor for two front or rear wheels)
New struts- $200 for two wheels (parts and labor)
94 5-spoke wheels (4)- $200-400
94 Rear tailights (2) - $175
New timing belt and water pump- $575 (parts and labor)
Hardtop - $400-700 Note: shipping is possible but is usually between $100-350.00. UPS, Fedex cannot ship it, only trucking firms can.
New Hardtop installed- $600 (parts and labor)
New seats- $200 Note: UPS can ship two bucket seats for $70
Used radio- $30
New Turbo - $500
New PCM (onboard computer)- $250
New clutch- $7-800.00
New paint - $1500 min. The paint cost is around $1200 alone. You can get a decent paint for $2000 or so.

If your Capri has simply aged and worn out, the cost to repair may seem alot but in relationship to buying a new used car or a new car to replace it, is minimal. Resell values of the Capri in good condition hover around $2000-2500 max. Anymore and it is a rip-off. As with all cars, the cost of the parts to replace is far less than the cost of labor, which hovers around $75-120 hr, wherever you go. So, unless you know how to do it yourself by following the service manual, which is available ($50+), it will cost.

So, the bottom line is that if you are going to junk a perfectly good car, think twice. Are you doing it because you simply want it gone? Think it is cheaper not to fix it? You could junk the Capri, buy another car, and have it also need repair. The Capri is still a viable, reliable car with good gas mileage better than many 2010-2011 models @ 25-30 mpg. In good condition, it still looks modern and its 20 yrs old.

I have talked to Capri owners wanting to junk or part-out their cars. Many times they are doing it just because they do not know how to make even some simple repairs because they do not own the Capri Service manual! The first thing they and anyone else needs to do if they buy a Capri is to also buy the Service manual. The 91-94 Capri are all the same, so any of the service manuals will work. It is the bible for the car's "how-to" used by Ford mechanics.

If you determine you cannot repair the issue, consult any small biz mechanic, there are many good ones. A Ford dealership will probably NOT work on it.

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